Thank you – we raised £100,000 for the Prostate Cancer Charity

Thank you very much for those of you who sponsored me and the team in last Sunday’s bike race from Greenwich to Canterbury, a ride of 120 miles along the route that the Tour de France took yesterday. I didn’t get near Robbie McEwan’s Tour de France time of 4 hours 39 minutes – I managed a more leisurely 8 hours 37 minutes. But then again Robbie didn’t get 3 punctures or have to ride through a filthy rainstorm, so it could have been much closer.

Most importantly, it looks as if we’ll break through the £100,000 mark for donations, of which over £55,000 has come in through the website (which we’re keeping open for a little while longer). Thanks again – the money raised is likely to go towards funding a couple of full time prostate cancer nurses. And enjoy the next three weeks of the Tour de France!


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Jim Leaviss

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