M&G Bond Vigilantes Christmas Quiz 2015

Here is the 9th annual Christmas Quiz.  20 questions, and the closing date for entries is midday on Thursday 24th December.

Please email your answers to us at bondteam@bondvigilantes.co.uk.  The winner will get glory, and can choose a charity from our approved list to which we will donate £100.  She or he will also get a copy of Morrissey’s atrociously reviewed novel, and “Bad Sex” award winner, “List of the Lost”.  Four runners up will also get a copy of the novel, which is worth owning for the cover image alone.

Good luck!  Conditions of entry are down below somewhere.

  1. What do you call the non-existent roads and alleyways that publishers put on their maps to help them catch copyright infringers?
  2. It’s been in production for about 35 years, and for the company that makes it, Hewlett Packard, it is its best-ever-selling product.  What is it?
  3. Which bike manufacturer is named after a religious landmark visible from the bedroom workshop of the company’s founder?
  4. From February next year there is a new “longest scheduled flight” being launched, replacing Sydney to Dallas for the record.  From where to where?
  6. What was the Fed funds rate when Marty McFly started time-travelling in Back to the Future?
  7. Which sport is being shown on this Swiss coin?


  1. The name of this old TV music show comes from the process by which recording impresarios would play an early pressing of a new tune to doormen on the street outside their offices.  If the doormen showed their appreciation in a certain way, the record would be released.  Which TV show?
  2.  Time for some good old-fashioned bond maths!  A corporate bond with a 3% annual coupon is trading at a yield to maturity of 2%. You have just received a coupon payment and the bond has now exactly 2 years to maturity. What is the bond’s approximate cash price? 101, 102 or 103?
  3. Which music video?  An American police car visits ancient English mystical sites, pursued by rubbish Daleks.
  4. Which music video?  Two men slap each other around the head in turn.  Then some acrobatic dancers in stripy, plump costumes jump up and down. Someone in a turtle costume does sign language.
  5. Which music video?  Filmed in “Junglescope” a plane crash survivor initially flees wild animals before taming them like a kind of Tarzan, and takes selfies with a monkey.
  6. Only 57 of these are known to exist.  What is it?


  1. This is both the name of a Swizzel’s sweet, and describes what was originally thought to have happened to the UK economy in early 2012, but didn’t.  What
  2. Who is Santa this year?


  1. This year a country-rock singer released a best-selling album (getting to number 7 in the Billboard charts) that was a track-by-track cover of an album which had been in the US charts for 48 weeks, and was still at number 8 in the charts at the time.  Which album?
  2. Which film is this from?


  1. A satellite dish and a TV aerial decided to get married.  The wedding wasn’t much, but…?
  2. Originating in New York, and named for a Manhattan sports venue, this event was designed as a way of circumventing rules aimed at preventing exhaustion in an endurance race that lasted for days.  Which event?
  3. What is this simplified schematic?


The closing date is Thursday 24th December at midday UK time.

This competition is now closed.

The value of investments will fluctuate, which will cause prices to fall as well as rise and you may not get back the original amount you invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Jim Leaviss

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